***UPDATE*** It appears to have been resolved. please e-mail us if you have any issues logging in.



I discovered this morning that something is wrong with the forums. I will try to address it soon, but it couldn’t come at a worse time (working 12+ hr days in preparation for ps4 launch). Just wanted to let you guys know that I’m aware of it… and will try to fix.

THE PURGE! – How to be re-invited:

Recently, The Council performed a massive purge of our roster. This was to clean out people who hadn’t logged in recently. Unfortunately, since Anet sucks, there was no way to figure out how long it had been, and anyone who hadn’t logged in since the last patch may have been purged. This may have resulted in some of our regular members being purged by mistake. If this was you, we do apologize, and here is what you can do to be re-invited:

Please post a reply to this thread on our forums. If you do not have access to this thread, it is because you did not create a forum account, so please make one and post in the general discussion forum. With any luck, the turn-around on being re-invited will be fairly quick.


thanks and our apologies,

FFS Council

Guild Art: Selfies with Masa!

Coco, our resident sketch wizard recently created this wonderful and whimsical portrait of herself and Masayuki Asahina, Council Elder of House Ferro.

If you’d like a custom drawing of your character, she accepts commissions at guild-discounted prices!